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I have occasionally sought experts for volunteer Short-Term Technical Assignments (STTAs). This week, I am accepting applications for a Value Chain specialist that has deep knowledge of Value Chain Strategies and Analyses, and marketing/exporting and branding, for horticulture products. This volunteer assignment below (Value Chain Specialist) is needed for a Guyana project implemented by Partners of the Americas’ USAID-funded Farmer to Farmer Program (F2F). The program provides technical assistance to agricultural producers, organizations, agribusinesses and universities in Latin America and the Caribbean. Through the program, U.S. specialists donate their time and expertise and spend two to three weeks on specific technical assignments, working directly with counterparts in the region to address local needs. Volunteers may travel individually or in teams. The F2F Program covers all costs of airfare, lodging, meals, insurance, and any work-related expenses.

Type of Volunteer Requested: Value Chain Specialist
Country Location: Guyana
Country Project: Horticulture Production and Marketing
Best Dates for Volunteer Visit (date range): 2-3 weeks in June -July

With abundant natural resources and proximity to import-dependent Caribbean markets that rely heavily on agricultural imports to meet demand, Guyana has great potential to expand its agriculture export offerings beyond its traditional bulk commodities of rice and sugar. The overall objective of the Guyana Horticulture Production and Marketing Project (HPM) is to increase the productivity and profitability of select horticulture sub-sectors. HPM will primarily focus on shade-house vegetable production and marketing, although some technical assistance will also be focused on agro-processing to provide value-added opportunities, particularly for women producers.

Guyana Marketing Corporation (GMC) needs to build the capacity of its staff in the area of Agriculture Business Development with specific focus on Value Chain strategies to deliver improved economic outcomes to stakeholders. A F2F Volunteer is requested to train GMC’s staff (Business Development Unit) in effective Value Chain strategies and approaches to maximize departmental efficiency. It is expected that at the end of the assignment GMC’s staff would have the capacity to conduct basic Value Chain Analyses and gain better understanding of key capabilities and identify areas for strengthening in the department. This assignment contributes to broader goals and objectives of the Horticulture Production and Marketing project by empowering GMC staff to conduct analytical work that would ultimately benefit value chain participants (agro-processors) many of whom are women.

• Masters’ Degree in Business Management, Marketing, or Agricultural Economics.
• Minimum of five (5) years’ experience in projects relating to agribusiness, marketing, business development and advisory services.
• Minimum of four (4) years of work experience focused on Value Chain analysis and strategies.
• Experience with product launches and/or integrated marketing campaigns.
• Proven experience and working knowledge of market research, surveys, and data analysis.
• Excellent written, communication, and presentation skills.
• Prior experience working in a developing country is preferred.
• Flexibility
• Must have either US citizenship, or valid authorization to work in the United States.

• Training and capacity building of 15 staff in the area of Value Chain Analysis.
• Hands-on Value Chain Analysis of at least 3 crops selected from (Soursop, mangoes, pineapples, watermelon, limes and coconut
• F2F trip report (to be completed on the final Friday of the assignment)
• F2F Recommendations Form (to be completed on the final Friday of the assignment)
• One blog post about your F2F activity.


Guyana Marketing Corporation (GMC) which was established in 1964 is a government corporation established under section 46 of the Public Corporations Act, Cap 19:05 of the Laws of Guyana that has been working assiduously over the years to promote the cultivation, processing and export of Guyana’s non-traditional agricultural crops to Regional and Extra-Regional markets.

Guyana Marketing Corporation is sometimes referred to as the “New” Guyana Marketing Corporation (New GMC). Due to a policy change in 1985. There was a total cessation of all buying and selling operations. The Corporation was mandated to provide market facilitation services to the private sector for the export of non-traditional agricultural produce, facilitate local market development and development of the agro-processing sector, develop and disseminate post-harvest technology, conduct market research and provide market intelligence services to stakeholders.

In 2001, the Corporation established the Central Packaging Facility at National Exhibition Centre, Sophia to enhance the exportation of fresh agricultural produce and a second packaging facility was established in 2008 at Parika.

Further, the Corporation promotes the consumption and sale of locally manufactured and packaged commodities through the Guyana Shop. The GMC is also charged with the responsibility of providing marketing services for the development of the non-traditional agricultural sector. Exporters of non-traditional agricultural products are provided with marketing advice, assistance for sourcing supplies, facilitating logistical arrangements for exports among others.

The organization has a total of 48 staff across all departments.

How to Apply: Please send resume/CV that clearly shows you meet the required qualifications of the position, by email to Linda.aines@internationalink.net. Please include (Value Chain Specialist) in the subject line of your email.

Deadline for Application: April 26, 2019