Transportation of necessities – Dominican Republic

Grain merchant in Wholesale Market – Afghanistan

Children near church in foothills of Mount Kenya

Cutting the Lawn – Afghanistan

Shepherds relaxing on ancient stones - Armenia

Teaching business to Greenhouse owners – Dom Republic

Typical Ag Business - Kenya

My services involve sourcing, recruiting, qualified candidates for International Development sector positions and field assignments. I work with  clients' internal teams, or independently, to find the best candidate for  assigned contract positions for field projects or  career positions within my clients' Home offices.  I provide the following:

  • Qualified resumes/CV from professionals involved in managing, implementing International Development sector program/projects in developing countries worldwide, or managing/implementing projects at the Headquarters/Home office level.
  • Have an extensive active databases of potential candidates, with excellent record of achievements in international development (international and local) that have opted in to Aines International and asked to be notified about jobs that are of interest to them.
  • Deep connections, networks and working relationships within universities/colleges and associations worldwide, specialists, expert groups, social networks.
  • International capabilities with partners worldwide---can recruit international development professionals abroad that are living and working in their home country.  Have networks and systems  that lead to successful identification of qualified consultants/specialists,  international and local.
  • Special abilities for areas of Agriculture, Natural resources, Forestry, Human Rights,  Food Security, Energy, Disaster management,  Infrastructure, Global Health, Democracy & Government, Education, Small, medium enterprises (SME), M&E, Financial sector, Legal Reform,  Procurements, Security, Urban planning, and Gender.  Have had many successful recruitments for Head/Home office  program managers, proposal writers, recruiters, senior advisors, VPs, VIPs, as well.
  • Rapid resume submittals within a few days and quick response to clients.  I will not waste your time or money.
  • Rewriting and summarizing of resumes to enhance proposals, professional reference checks are available on request.
  • Can tailor the search to fit with the client's recruitment needs or system.  This firm is oriented to saving you from the time consuming searches and labor needed to find more new, fresh candidates.  Let me know how we can do better... and I will do all I can to meet your needs.

I understand the importance of technology and efficiency in the recruiting process but will not sacrifice relationships. I am sensitive to the recruiting process of the individual company and candidate and, promise to give you my best effort in complete confidentiality.


Please contact Aines International Recruitment Link for more information:              SKYPE: linda.aines

Phone:  (802) 558-8209