Specializing in Recruitment, Human Resource Services for the International Development Sector

I am Linda Aines, the owner and principal recruiter at Aines International, a firm that specializes in recruitment/human resources services for the International Development sector. Aines is retained by numerous contractors to aid agencies (USAID, USDA, DFID, ADB and other large Donor organizations, or govt entities) to find their experts/ideal candidates for projects in various countries.

Aines International is a recruitment service that finds top talent for organizations in the International Development sector. Aines is based in the United States and specializes in providing subject matter experts and program managers for client's development projects abroad as well as in their Headquarters' program offices. 

An email alert system is used to invite applicants to apply for the positions needing to be filled. Interested members send their CV and note of interest after they have received my alerts and have carefully checked that they match the required experience/skills for the positions. Members also notify their colleagues and their own networks creating a rapid and efficient system that helps me find needed experts rapidly.

Since 2003, Aines has maintained a high standard of service and commitment in the international development field. Her reputation, discretion and consistent record of successful placements has helped Aines build strong and trusted relationships with industry-leading clients and top-quality candidates. We are making a difference with the companies we serve, in adding value to their international projects and growth, and to the candidate's life and career. 

Please contact Aines International Recruitment Link for more information:  


Phone:  802-558-8209


Important Fraud Alert:  Be aware that the email address  (linda.aines@hotmail.com) is not me and is used to fraudulently.   An individual ( possibly based in Pakistan, and Canada) has been falsely claiming to work for a person named Linda Aines.  On occasions he claims to represent me, and to be collaborating with Aines International, and selling employment services leading to jobs with USAID, UN, or other International Development organizations.  He extracts fees for this erroneous promise of employment  and never delivers.  SCAM alert:   Any letters, or references, from Linda.aines@hotmail.com is a SCAM---not written  by me --- and any claims made in such emails should be doubly checked for authenticity. In our firm, job candidates are never charged fees for applying for jobs through Aines International, nor do i recommend anyone with questionable work claims or ethics.  All Aines International  open jobs are listed on this website (www.internationalink.net) and anyone can apply directly with us without fees.