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Hi, my name is Linda Aines. I am an independent recruiter that specializes in International Development and foreign projects. I am hired by US contractors to USAID, or other large Donor organizations, or government entities that have projects in various developing countries. I own my own business, Aines International that provides recruitment services and some HR services for International Development Organizations. My current involvement in the International Development Sector has gradually evolved over the past 20 years.  As an Associate Professor at the University of Vermont (UVM), I became more and more involved in international trade and in developing resources for businesses.  From 1990 to 2002, I served as Business and Export Specialist at the University of Vermont (UVM) and developed & implemented an Export Assistance Program for small businesses. The Program served as resource center,   which provided marketing and export assistance and education, for exporters. From 1983 to 1992, I was the business consultant and coordinator of the Small Business Development Center in Southwest Vermont, a UVM/USDA/Small Business Administration sponsored program,  providing management assistance and entrepreneurship education to business owners. I hold BSBA (in Business Administration and Manpower Planning ) and MBA degrees from Ohio State University.

I have served as Consultant or Specialist in these countries:

  • Nicaragua,  as Business Planning/Marketing specialist to Organic Agricultural producers: provided technical assistance and training in writing business plans, cash flow planning and marketing education (January-Feb 2013)
  • Dominican Republic, as Marketing/Value Chain Specialist to  Greenhouse Agricultural Producers; provided technical assistance and training in Marketing and Export Development (June 2010) 
  • Jamaica, as Marketing Specialist to provide technical assistance and training in Marketing/Export development to members of the Jamaica Network of Rural Women Producers and Jamaica Exporters Association. (April 2008, Sep. 2002)
  • Haiti, as Marketing Specialist to provide technical assistance and training in Marketing and Business Planning the the Makooti Agro Enterprises, an association of producers in Northern Haiti. (July 2007)
  • Afghanistan, as Team Leader and Business Planning Coordinator in completing project design/Business Plan for wheat industry manufacturing plants, and development of Value Chain for fruits/Vegetables (August 2004 and Nov/Dec 2006)
  • Kenya, Africa:  Completion of Business Plan and Instructor for Dairy Association in Central Region (February-March 2005 - 3 weeks)
  • Russia, as Advisor for International Center for Sustainable Development of Rural Areas to assist Moscow's Timiryazev Ag Academy and the Russian Federation Ministry of Agriculture’s Extension Division with set-up of a center dedicated to job creation for rural Russia (Febr-March 2004)
  • Armenia, as "Grantwriting for Sustainability" trainer and recruiter for the USDA/Armenia Marketing Assistance Project (April-July 2003  - 6 weeks)
  • Ukraine, as "Agricultural Marketing" Trainer and training module designer for the Citizens Network for Foreign Affairs.(Febr-March 2003)
  • Bosnia, as consultant to Counterpart International,  designing a future project for SME's, small agricultural producers, and agribusiness (Nov 2002 ) 
  • South Caucasus, serving as Trainer-in-Residence for Project Harmony's Program "Internet Community Development in the Caucasus (ICD)," to promote the use of the Internet as a community organizing tool for professionals in the Republics of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia (March 2001)
  • Armenia,  as International Marketing Advisor and Business/Export trainer for Agricultural Sector on behalf of USDA/USDOS-funded Marketing Assistance Program (MAP).  (July 1996-June 1997)
  • Honduras, Providing marketing strategies/SME help, to women's agricultural coop (processed foods), on behalf of Vermont-Honduras partnership funded by USDA Farmer to Farmer program (July 1994)